ECO Token is Cryptocurrency for supporting forest environmental management activities To prevent forest fires and smog problems that cause PM2.5 pollution and global warming (greenhouse effect) by innovations from Japan applied in the production process and promoting NFT art to support groups that do activities for the environment and nature Sustainable goals in solving such problems using main raw materials are

1. leaves, cleaning produc ts

2. konjac/coffee, dietary supplements

3. cannabis, food production, beauty cosmetics. so that everyone can participate through the use of the product.


Leaves are the main fuel that causes forest fires and forest smog. Because the forest does not generate income, it is not managed or used. and found mostly in the north of Thailand Therefore, there was an activity to buy leaves at a price of 2 baht per kilogram in cooperation with government agencies. To be processed with technology from Japan to be applied to manage smoke and heat to prevent PM2.5 dust and global warming.
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Konjac and coffee

promote economic crops, create fire defenses. To give people who live in the forest have choices and benefits with the forest. when people gain mutual benefits in that area He will prevent forest fires from occurring and will help protect the forest to the best of his ability. We therefore promote the adoption of konjac and coffee to be processed into health products so that people in other societies can use high quality, safe products and take part in forest care every time.


solves the cause of forest invasion from people who burn the forest to find raw materials from the forest such as mushrooms or wildlife. Promote new cash crops as an alternative for people to live in the forest with enough income. when the stomach is full There will be no forest burning. This is because the income from hemp cultivation is enough to sustain life and take care of the forest. coexist with the forest Because hemp takes up less space but earns a lot of money.


Tokenomic Overview

  • Token name: WEECO TOKEN
  • Ticker Symbol: ECO
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Total supply: 900,000,000
  • Initial circulating supply: 15,000,000
  • Whitelist: Yes
Token Distribution

Private Sale : 5% 45,000,000 ECO The Beginners Group with ECO Token is locked to coins for 75 days.
Presale on dexsale : 4% 36,000,000 ECO Generate liquidity from project presentation through Dexsale system and enable 51% communication with followers and Pancakeswap.
Marketing : 35% 315,000,000 ECO It focuses on raising awareness of the project and encouraging coin participation.
Air Drop : 1% 9,000,000 ECO Released 120 days after the start of presale
Public Sale : 4% 36,000,000 ECO Added access to the ECO Token will occur after the completion of the Pre-Sale.
DxLock : Founding Team & Earlyt Investor : 10% 90,000,000 ECO ,
Community Treasury Liquidity : 5% 45,000,000 ECO ,
Talent Acquisition & Advisor Bonus : 6% 54,000,000 ECO,
Eco system : 20% 180,000,000 ECO,
Strategic Business &Partnerships : 10% 90,000,000 ECO Lock down the coin ban time to maximize the coin ecosystem. Start using after 365 days of Private Sale.